The exoticism Village Tourism In Yogyakarta

  • The exoticism Village Tourism In Yogyakarta
  • The exoticism Village Tourism In Yogyakarta
  • The exoticism Village Tourism In YogyakartaThe exoticism Village Tourism In YogyakartaThe exoticism Village Tourism In YogyakartaThe exoticism Village Tourism In Yogyakarta
Tourism in Yogyakarta  is not only visited tourist attraction in Jogja, we suggest you also visit some tourist villages around Jogja. There are many tourist village in Jogja, but for ease we summarized in 10 tourist village that has its own uniqueness.
As a business we often drove some guests to places – places. So that we can reference an attractive tourist village to visit.

Here is a list of 10 tourism village in Jogja that you must visit:

Terlatak Tourism Village is 5 km from the monument is, towards North or 30 minutes from the city of Yogyakarta. Precisely at the Cape, Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman. Sasangat rural cool air feels soothing when entering the goddess (Rural Tourism) is. Many of the attractions in the feature, among which, jathilan, musicians, even making batik is also there.
In addition there is a new attraction that is Ciciblung. Ciciblung is a game of tones generated from the game in the river, by patting the water flow in the river. This game will be very interesting for children and so they can help children to learn to preserve the traditional game.
2. Pentingsari Tourism Village
Laboratory merupaka tourist village tourism village in southeast Asia is located in Cangkringan. Precisely in Pentingsari, Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman. This tourist village presents a quiet rural atmosphere with a traditional inn built of wood which adds to the impression at one with nature.
IN about this goddess there are several attractions such as Holy Shower Sendangsari, Luweng, Joglo, Batu Dakon. Even in this goddess no tracking path. Natural conditions Tourism Village Pentingsari that diapait by Two Rivers (Rivers Pawon and Yellow River) is very suitable for traking teens, children, adults and older people with a passing lane river edge, through rice fields, up and down the cliff with tunnels very unique and beautiful, passed amid h shade of various types of forestry.
Village tourism domes house presents a unique scenery, which is a residential that contains houses Dome. Dome House is a residence that is round like a dome. There are at least 80 units of Home Dome in the complex, including 71 housing units, six toilets for the public, and public facilities 3 (prayer room, hall, and a polyclinic).
To visit the Dome House complex, you just pay an entry ticket of Rp 1,500 per person. Tourist villages like home teletabies offers attractions that quite interesting as sites kajinan believed to be a gathering place for the spirit of the spirit of the king in the land of Java, Belik Wunut ie river of clear water with two springs that have a different flavor, highland agriculturally which is the highest point on see the sunset views of Mount Merapi in the north and the sea to the south and do not forget dome’s view that will make you feel like staying in the world Teletubbies.
4. VILLAGE TOURISM Karangtengah
Tourism Village Middle Reef is famous for cashew forest area is very spacious is located on Karangtengah, Imogiri. God of this tour is also famous for the cultivation of wild silk and plant indighovera are a staple for batik dye. Tourism Village is located Karangtengah altitude of 250 meters above sea level, from where visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the hills.
Attractions that are in the goddess whom Smooth (dance), gejog mortar, Darling, Arts bergodo military, Adjustable Madyo, Art Laskito Mas.
The village is located in the hamlet of Linggo, Samigaluh Kulonprogro have beautiful views with a stretch of green tea fields. At the top you can Linggo enjoy the sights of nature is like a green carpet of tea gardens and views of the pine forest of towering.
This tourist village presenting attractions that are not less interesting with other Goddesses, such as jathilan, gamelan, wayang kulit and bobbing be something interesting to watch and learn their meaning. Provided for your home stay for those of you who want to live while here with family, besides the typical food nglinggo village will become the main menu santa morning,
Agrowisata dragon fruits in the tourist village glagah will pamper visitors. Tourist village located adjacent to the Glagah so that you can visit and enjoy the beach breeze. Kite festival and motocross become an annual event Glagah tourist village, there is also the orchestra and musical performances that attract tourists. Typical food on offer in this area is the dragon fruit, nuts dent, dent jingking, geblek tempeh.
Tourist village located on the road Parangtritis km 11 is known as the center of producing leather bags. Price leather handbags are sold ranging from price Rp.70.000 up Rp.1000.000. The most interesting thing is that we still can bargain goods sold there. Unfortunately, he is still a tourist village area rarely found a place to eat. Travelers who hunger and thirst after shopping may have to find a restaurant or eating place at another location.
The village has a village farm is located in an international school in the rival, Village Kebonagung. In the countryside unspoiled countryside moon gives tours with a very exciting because this village has a charm that is so charming to visit.
In this village there is also a museum of farm Java Indonesia that was built in 2006. All the tourist attractions that served as pursuing the fields it has become daily life of local residents. So everything seems so natural. Not to forget here you can also learn batik. The annual event is held in this place is the scarecrow festival which usually takes place in September.
Tourism Village Kembangarum (Goddess Twins), Donokerto, Turi, Sleman is located in Lintas Merapi, villagers Kembangarum can be taken approximately 45 minutes from the city of Yogyakarta by motor vehicle. Once you pass the winding road, a small sign welcoming you before entering the village Kembangarum. Small alley you passed into the shade by the tourist village location leaves pondoh increased the cool and comfortable atmosphere.
Stone fences so arranged neatly, looked at one with nature, natural and simple but looks solid. A variety of ornamental plants planted along the alley, this combination clearly distinguish Kembangarum village of an ordinary village. The atmosphere is quiet, with traditional housing and fresh air.
The village Kembangarum this can be called a tourist village Education for the visitors who come here not just to enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality of the population that is here but the difference is you will get a lot of lessons and knowledge from the visit of this tour, not just come and go so course, there are nuances education will be received in this tourist village phrase: “you are happy to return the added smart”
Tembi Tourism Village itself is a name which was adapted into a cultural institution Tembi Cultural House. In this village we can stay in the cottages and houses of citizens. By paying Rp 50-100 thousand per person, we can stay overnight and were also given breakfast.
In Tembi there are many places that can be visited, there is a batik gallery, a beautiful cottage, a unique restaurant and a gallery of paintings. Oh yes, here we can see the making of handicrafts typical of Yogyakarta, such as wicker baskets and a variety of wallets.
There was also a Tembi Cultural House Museum, which has a collection that is quite varied as traditional tools Java community, a dagger, lance, farming equipment, appliances art of batik, gamelan and so forth.
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