Manguan Tourism Village, is one of the tourist destinations in the region of Bantul, Yogyakarta. Precisely on the south side of Yogyakarta at the distance of about 1 hour from the city center Malioboro. Mangunan is known as a tourist village orchard. But besides known as Kebon Fruit Mangunan, this tourist village has a potential interest.
Among others Goa Gajah which has a depth of about 200 mter hallways and decorated with stalagmites and stalactites which was gorgeous. Once out of Goa Gajah, you can enjoy the natural scenery around the river Oyo, farmland and beautiful mountain scenery. To get into Goa Gajah, each visitor is charged Rp 5,000 / person, while for the group amounted to Rp 2,000 / person. Motorcycle parking fee is Rp 2,000, while for cars at Rp 5,000.
There is also a tourist attraction bengkung, which is spring and arise from the rock and water flowed into the holy tomb of Sultan Agung in Pajimatan Imogiri. Bengkung only opened every 1st Suro. It is said that the water from the springs Bengkung can make more youthful. Not a few who believed that by meditating on Bengkung, could expedite the work.
For those of you who want to visit Bengkung, charged Rp 5,000 / person is included parking for motorcycles. As for the car park charged Rp 5,000. Besides Bengkung, also there are other attractions in Mangunan. Among these are pine forests that are often used as a camping ground area, and orchards Mangunan. As for the potential of cultural arts are traditional procession merti hamlet, children dance, dance gambyong, musicians child, Ketoprak, puppets, jatilan, watu ngadeg, and others. For those of you who want to learn arts and crafts, there is a painting studios, craft centers chisel sculpture, crafts souvenirs, as well as rongko keris. (**)
For information and reservations 
Tourism Village Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul
Widodo (0818262161)
Fahrul (087739339638)
email : widoido4.@gmail.com

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