Kalibiru a management area surrounding community and be a natural tourist attraction. Forest Park is located in the hills Menoreh, precisely in the Village Hagrowilis, Kokap, Kulonprogro. Wates, Kulon Progo capital, Kalibiru within 10 km. Being from the city of Yogyakarta, Kalibiru within 40 km and can be reached within 60-90 minutes.
In the 1950s, Kalibiru a protected forest that has not been touched by humans. But over time, many illegal logging occurs in Kalibiru. Until 1997 Kalibiru become barren and arid forest. Therefore, local people took the initiative to manage Kalibiru to make it back in a green forest and cool. Community through Rim, surrounding communities change Kalibiru barren and arid to green and cool. After five years managed by the community, the number and growth of plants in Kalibiru increased rapidly. There is also some springs. Since February 14, 2008 formally forest managed by the community for 35 years with their Community Forest Utilization Permit. Now Kalibiru repay society that has surrounded him with a forest of beautiful tourist.
Kalibiru stretch of 450 meters above sea level. If the weather is clear, from the forest Kalibiru we can throw up view of Mount Merapi, the south coast, and Sermo reservoir. Because in the hills high enough, Kalibiru cool and clear air without pollution. Of course it is more valuable for visitors coming from the urban everyday breathing air dirty city.
Besides the beautiful landscape by a blend of green forest and hills, social culture around Kalibiru also an attraction. Communities around the known friendly, polite, have a sense of family, and pleased cooperation. In addition, people Kalibiru also maintains a wide range of traditional arts and culture, so as to bring the exotic typical for visitors.
The communities that work together to manage forests Kalibiru travel are also committed to protecting the environment. It can be seen from the building infrastructure in Kalibiru. There is not a single building is made of concrete. Everything is made from natural materials such as bamboo or wood and designed according to ancient Javanese architecture. The various buildings are provided as a visitor in Kalibiru facilities include a travel cot, substation view, joglo, until the library. There are also areas outbound, lane tracking, and trajectory of the flying fox.
Kalibiru available in a variety of travel packages, including rural travel, culture, education, family, nature therapy, and others.

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